Unique tunnels

Tunnels are a normal occurrence. They are intended to facilitate traffic in places where there are mountains nad hills through which they pass. But, there are also unique, unusual and extremely interesting tunnels worldwide. Next five tunnels deserve the title of being unique.

Tower tunnel passes through the Gate Tower Building in Osaka. The name of the tunnel itself tells us why it is unusual – it goes through a building full of offices in Japan. Specifically, the fifth, sixth and seventh floor of the building are used as a tunnel, which doesn’t touch the building and offices, so people can work as silently as possible, without the noise of cars passing through the tunnel.

tuneli 1

Tunnel Log is located in Sequoia National Park in California. The 84 meter high tree fell across the road in 1937, and the cause of the fall is the will of nature. A year later, through the fallen tree people have made a hole – a 2.4 meters high and 5.2 meters wide tunnel, which made the road again passable. Sequoia National Park has tall redwood trees, by which it takes its name. General Sherman, the largest tree in the world, you can found in the California park.

tuneli 2

Tunnel Rock is the second unique tunnel that decorates the entrance to the Sequoia National Park in the United States. Huge stone is unusual ceiling of the tunnel through which in 1983 was built a road. Today it serves as a passage for pedestrians.

tuneli 3

Tunnel of Love, located in Kleven in Ukraine, is one mile long. It is unique because of its structure – covered with greenery. Railroad runs through it, and today it has more superstitious purpose – it is believed that all the wishes will be fulfilled if the couple, holding hands, passes through a tunnel.

tuneli 4

Tunnel of Fish is 70 meters long, illuminated by reflectors and located in the marine park L’Oceanografic in Valencia. Water, in which floats plenty of fishes and other marine animals, surrounds its visitors all around the tunnel, and makes this tunnel in Spain unique in the world.

tuneli 5

Which tunnel do you choose as the most unique? J

By: Ema Vuković

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