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Unique tunnels

Tunnels are a normal occurrence. They are intended to facilitate traffic in places where there are mountains nad hills through which they pass. But, there are also unique, unusual and extremely interesting tunnels worldwide. Next five tunnels deserve the title of being unique.

Tower tunnel passes through the Gate Tower Building in Osaka. The name of the tunnel itself tells us why it is unusual – it goes through a building full of offices in Japan. Specifically, the fifth, sixth and seventh floor of the building are used as a tunnel, which doesn’t touch the building and offices, so people can work as silently as possible, without the noise of cars passing through the tunnel.

tuneli 1

Tunnel Log is located in Sequoia National Park in California. The 84 meter high tree fell across the road in 1937, and the cause of the fall is the will of nature. A year later, through the fallen tree people have made a hole – a 2.4 meters high and 5.2 meters wide tunnel, which made the road again passable. Sequoia National Park has tall redwood trees, by which it takes its name. General Sherman, the largest tree in the world, you can found in the California park.

tuneli 2

Tunnel Rock is the second unique tunnel that decorates the entrance to the Sequoia National Park in the United States. Huge stone is unusual ceiling of the tunnel through which in 1983 was built a road. Today it serves as a passage for pedestrians.

tuneli 3

Tunnel of Love, located in Kleven in Ukraine, is one mile long. It is unique because of its structure – covered with greenery. Railroad runs through it, and today it has more superstitious purpose – it is believed that all the wishes will be fulfilled if the couple, holding hands, passes through a tunnel.

tuneli 4

Tunnel of Fish is 70 meters long, illuminated by reflectors and located in the marine park L’Oceanografic in Valencia. Water, in which floats plenty of fishes and other marine animals, surrounds its visitors all around the tunnel, and makes this tunnel in Spain unique in the world.

tuneli 5

Which tunnel do you choose as the most unique? J

By: Ema Vuković

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Floating umbrellas painted Portugal

Innovation has always been very high on a scale of values and because of that, this interesting story has found its place on our blog. As summers became hotter and hotter and real seasons classification almost disappeared, people from small town Augeda in Portugal created something special. They decided to cover their street with colorful umbrellas which „float“ about the street and protect pedestrians from the high temperatures.

kišobrančičić 1

The idea came to them when they saw the window with hundreds  of different umbrellas which could perfectly decorated their street, and could also have functional role. I do not know if  this protection is really functional, but the idea is ingenious. People from Augeda are delighted with colors and they think that the shade created by these umbrellas is amazing, totally different and unusual.

kiš portugal slika 2

The first photos of  this work of art had flooded to the whole world. Tourists Patricia Almeida and Diana Tavares were  one of the first people who shared their experience and photos from „Umbrella“ street to the rest of the world.

ja sam broj 3

„Umbrella“ street will remain in Portugal till the end of July. Residents and tourists are amazed with the street so I belive that it will remain like this for much longer, if not longer then certainly next year!

kišobran 4

By: Benjamin Bauer


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Nullarbor – end of the world

Do you remember any of those great and interesting stories from Greek mythology? Personally, I’ve, read many of them and best were always about some wars and battles. One I specially remember was about war between gods from Olyimp and titans from underground. I think there’s even movie about that, I’m not sure, haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, most special scene I’d always imagine was that end of the world. Gods were pushing titans oveer the edge so I was always wondering what it looks like.


Now I don’t have to imagine that anymore, couse there’s really some place on the Earth called end of the world! Well, not literally, but close enough. 🙂

Australia itself is at some point on the edge of the world. Many travellers who visited Australia said that was truly something : being so far away from everything you know, people you hang out with, friends, family, familiar enviroment and nature… Like you’re visiting another planet. Such a special experience.

jos jedan nular
All things from your everyday life dissapear when you come there – there’s just you and many interesting things  which Australia gives you. We’re not talking about cities here, although we believe Australia has much to offer in that area too – we are nature-oriented.  We can definitely mention Nullarbor cliffs as a natural speciality. It’s actually part of the flat area and it’s almost treeless, which is something name says too (Latin: nullus – no, arbor – tree). It stretches about 1,100 kilometers from east to west at its widest point, but it occupies an area of about 200 000 square kilometres. We can definitely point it as an interesting tourist destination. And here’s some interesting fact: On 25 December 1896. Arthur Charles Jeston Richardson became the first cyclist who crossed Nullarbor Plain. Wow, imagine that unusal adventure. Few decades after that (from 1946.-1949.), two girls did the same: Wendy Law Suart and Shirley Duncan became the first women to cycle across the Plain.


I think there are no much things to say about Nullarbor – photos are here to show you how special that place is. Can you imagine that situation when you stand so far away from everything, surrounded by sea on the one and endless Plain on the other side? Like I said, truly end of the world 🙂

I hope some of our readers will go to Australia one day too and visit this special place seeking unforgettable experience, adventure and most beautiful view from the edge of the world. And, of course, send us some picture! 🙂

By: Ana Bustruc

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It the past, in order to show someone special how much you love him/her, you would write love letters or sing serenades under the window. Today, lovers are showing their love by locking it with padlock on the failing of bridges across the world.


According to the most sources, this modern version of showing love and affection began in the 80s in the Hungarian town of Pecs, where students who were in love locked padlocks on the bridges, in order to show their solidarity, because their relationships were often threatened by difficult courses they attended. This ritual of „locking souls of couples in love“, according to some stories, existed back in the ancient China. This has been proven by many padlocks locked in temples, the sacred mountains and even on metal chains tied to the Great Wall of China.

Padlock by padlock, this trend of locking love and throwing the key in the river has spread all over the world. Many famous bridges across the world are full of this modern love symbols. Among the world’s most famous bridges of love padlocks is the one in the most romantic city in the world – Paris. Bridge Pont des Arts was the first in the series of bridges over the river Seine decorated with padlocks inscribed with initials of couples in love.



Principle of locking the love padlocks is simple – couples write their initials or a love note on the padlock, which then they lock to the railing of the bridge and throw the key into the river, so that their love would be safe forever, but also to ensure that no one else will “unlock” their hearts. This modern ritual of love is adequately described by the famous phrase printed in millions scrapbooks: “I locked you in my heart, you can not get out. I lost the key and I can’t find it. “

But, as in everything, in order not all to be charming and idyllic, there are those who are bothered by these public love symbols. Thus, the German Railways, who own fence in Cologne, where are locked thousands of love padlocks, threatened to remove the padlocks from the disputable fence. After the protest they  gave up that plan, under the condition that the padlocks do not jeopardize the rail transport.  A similar attempt happened in Rome, where the mayor wanted to ban hanging padlocks on public buildings.



Despite all the obstacles, bridges locked with padlocks of love are spreading around the world. Recently, the Croatian capital city got a place where couples can lock their hearts – the fence near the Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Prague, Guam, Rome, Florence, Paris, Seoul and Ljubljana are few of a hundred cities of love padlocks. If you haven’t locked your heart, now you know where you can do it.

By: Ema Vuković

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