Dear students!
Before we start, we would like to introduce you to our project. So, how did we get an idea for Student’s Travel Guide and what is it?
Well, we have to be honest – it was a college project. When our professor told us that we have to do something, we had no idea what kind of a project to make make. There are so many beuatiful, interesting and fun subjects in this world – we had so many choices, so many subjets to choose from! Still, we couldn’t decide. Hours were passing by, and still nothing. The hardest thing of all was the beginning; once we started, we knew it would be easier. It didn’t take us much to start; we tried to imagine what would we like to see on the internet, what exactly do we need. The main question was: What do we want to read and talk about when we come home after long day of classes? After a while, we decided to connect the student population and one of the most beautiful activities on the world – traveling.
After we came up with an idea, we knew we have to do something different from those classical essays that we get when we want to visit some country: Find out everything about Egypt, Top 50 of most beautiful buildings in Portugal, Read this amazing book about India and find out all about it, We offer you this interesting prospects so you can see that Croatia is really beautiful country…. It is beautiful and we do have interesting and useful information there.
But, let’s be honest, we will find out much more about some destination through others experiences rather than through endless pages about its history and culture. We want to offer you something different, something you cannot find in classical tourist guides or giant ads with smiley faces of people who are saying: Come, visit our town!
Those parts we want to give you are the background of everything that’s represented to us – experience.
So, I guess we want to say: Welcome to Student’s Travel Guide – backstage of event itself! Our goal is to share our and your experiences, interviews with an interesting travelers, funny anecdotes, amazing adventures or just some embarrasing situations that can happen to each of us when we visit a new place! We want to represent to you the beautiful side of traveling – experiences through laughter, anger, tears, hapiness, shame…

We will search through the best offers for cheap and fun trips and select good traveling agencies and organizations. And the most important thing – we want to hear what YOU have to say! You can write and share with others your experiences, the places you’ve seen and you would recommand or advise against.
Why should we be separated on all kinds of blogs, forums, web pages? Let’s all unite in one project and be tourist guides to each other!
We hope you will like our (and your!) work and that you’ll find some great articles, interviews or anectodes on our page which will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly – take you on one big beautiful journey.

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