Nullarbor – end of the world

Do you remember any of those great and interesting stories from Greek mythology? Personally, I’ve, read many of them and best were always about some wars and battles. One I specially remember was about war between gods from Olyimp and titans from underground. I think there’s even movie about that, I’m not sure, haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, most special scene I’d always imagine was that end of the world. Gods were pushing titans oveer the edge so I was always wondering what it looks like.


Now I don’t have to imagine that anymore, couse there’s really some place on the Earth called end of the world! Well, not literally, but close enough. 🙂

Australia itself is at some point on the edge of the world. Many travellers who visited Australia said that was truly something : being so far away from everything you know, people you hang out with, friends, family, familiar enviroment and nature… Like you’re visiting another planet. Such a special experience.

jos jedan nular
All things from your everyday life dissapear when you come there – there’s just you and many interesting things  which Australia gives you. We’re not talking about cities here, although we believe Australia has much to offer in that area too – we are nature-oriented.  We can definitely mention Nullarbor cliffs as a natural speciality. It’s actually part of the flat area and it’s almost treeless, which is something name says too (Latin: nullus – no, arbor – tree). It stretches about 1,100 kilometers from east to west at its widest point, but it occupies an area of about 200 000 square kilometres. We can definitely point it as an interesting tourist destination. And here’s some interesting fact: On 25 December 1896. Arthur Charles Jeston Richardson became the first cyclist who crossed Nullarbor Plain. Wow, imagine that unusal adventure. Few decades after that (from 1946.-1949.), two girls did the same: Wendy Law Suart and Shirley Duncan became the first women to cycle across the Plain.


I think there are no much things to say about Nullarbor – photos are here to show you how special that place is. Can you imagine that situation when you stand so far away from everything, surrounded by sea on the one and endless Plain on the other side? Like I said, truly end of the world 🙂

I hope some of our readers will go to Australia one day too and visit this special place seeking unforgettable experience, adventure and most beautiful view from the edge of the world. And, of course, send us some picture! 🙂

By: Ana Bustruc

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