Floating umbrellas painted Portugal

Innovation has always been very high on a scale of values and because of that, this interesting story has found its place on our blog. As summers became hotter and hotter and real seasons classification almost disappeared, people from small town Augeda in Portugal created something special. They decided to cover their street with colorful umbrellas which „float“ about the street and protect pedestrians from the high temperatures.

kišobrančičić 1

The idea came to them when they saw the window with hundreds  of different umbrellas which could perfectly decorated their street, and could also have functional role. I do not know if  this protection is really functional, but the idea is ingenious. People from Augeda are delighted with colors and they think that the shade created by these umbrellas is amazing, totally different and unusual.

kiš portugal slika 2

The first photos of  this work of art had flooded to the whole world. Tourists Patricia Almeida and Diana Tavares were  one of the first people who shared their experience and photos from „Umbrella“ street to the rest of the world.

ja sam broj 3

„Umbrella“ street will remain in Portugal till the end of July. Residents and tourists are amazed with the street so I belive that it will remain like this for much longer, if not longer then certainly next year!

kišobran 4

By: Benjamin Bauer


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